Owning a House in Manila – Worth it?

Manila, and the overall Real Estate aspect of the Philippines has been starting to flourish and is far from done, according to a comprehensive business article regarding the market in the Philippines.

The real estate industry’s steady growth in the past decades is attributed to the increase in demand for residential and commercial properties driven by various factors.

These demand drivers include rising urban population growth; housing needs of BPO (business process outsourcing) employees, since a growing number of these workers need to live near their workplace; and remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), more than half of which are real estate-related.

But onto the more qualitative side, is it great to live in Manila?

Places To Go.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. That said, it is the center as to where the prime locations are accessible.

Everything is accessible when you have a house in Manila.

Points of tourism such as the the greatest offerings of Pasay City with its rich and colorful mix of the Philippine history. There are historical landmarks, museums, galleries, and exhibits that flex the pride of the Filipino nation.

In Pasay is also where you can find one of the country’s proudest primary locations named the MoA (Mall of Asia) Area, where developments for sustainable business and entertainment and quickly shooting through the roof!

In Pasay is where you will find the country’s Entertainment City, where casinos such as Okada Manila, City of Dreams Manila, Solaire, and a lot more!

The business district of the country is Makati, which is also practically just beside Manila. Here, you’ll find the country’s luxurious city aspects such as the exciting night-life the country has to offer, pristine malls such as Glorietta, Landmark of the Ayala Group.

Further from Makati is the city of Taguig where the luxury of the country lies, called Bonifacio Global City (BGC), an environment that nurtures your passion to live, work and play. But more than a remarkable confluence of architecture, accessibility, and activity BGC is a triumph of the human spirit and great ideas.

The charm and multicultural allure of the city is a reflection of its people – residents and visitors alike who value quality living and embrace forward thinking as key to a better life. It’s in this spirit of transformative love and vision that we welcome you to explore this incredible urban oasis.

These are just A FEW of the places accessible from Manila, you’d have to see it to believe it.

About Manila

Metro Manila contains several notable attractions including a UNESCO World Heritage Site and 45 other cultural heritage landmarks. These cultural attractions are mostly concentrated in the City of Manila and offer a glimpse into the city’s Malay, Spanish, and American origins.

The capital of the Philippines is a densely populated bayside city and has points of tourism and the aesthetic which reflect the country’s deep historical heritage are found such as

  • Rizal Park, where people pay respects to the country’s national hero, Jose Rizal
  • Intramuros, the heart of Old Manila.
  • The World Heritage Site of San Agustin Church
  • a few Art Deco and Revival style buildings like Manila Metropolitan Theater and the National Museum of Fine Arts.


There are also modern attractions nearby such as

Cost of Living

There are sources that provide a good sketch of the average cost of living in the country’s capital, and here you will find a rough estimate as to what you can expect as you buy a house in Manila, with both necessity and leisure factored in the equation.

Metro Manila is where you can find the country’s “color”, as you are exposed to the variety of life that dwells within.

Manila, being the capital, is a relatively expensive city to dwell on in contrast to the rest of the Philippines. The prices for rents in Makati, given that it is the business district, are among the most expensive in the Philippines, as are a number of home prices, dining, leisure and even basic services like taxis.

However, all these are offset by the convenience of living in Metro Manila, not to mention the opportunities offered to those who want to further their career in the metro.


Let’s go straight to the question. Is getting a house in Manila great? You bet!

Make sure you consult with a literate broker or realty service first, for consultation! Trust the experts so that they can lead you to the optimal choice for your property, covering the now and tomorrow!

As stated in the top sections, Manila is a kaleidoscoping world of various colors. There’s great food, exciting places to hang out, concert venues, and extravagant shopping malls that the country prides itself with.

If a person knows where to find affordable yet quality homes, knows where the sweet spots where restaurants perfect and push further to serve great meals, and adapt to the rapid-paced jungle of the country’s capital, then living in Manila will be a breeze.