Tips On Buying Your First House

Tips on buying your first house - 378 Realty


You’re about to make it!


You’re about to enter into a new phase that every one of us hoped to since the beginning of our adult lives.

But, before it happens, you have to be rather smart all throughout the process, as buying a house is a commitment that lasts decades.


This article is to provide additional information to you, the reader, before you start on your own journey. Not just in buying a house, but something deeper. This will be a Qualitative treat!


With that, here are some tips for you as you take the huge leap.


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Know your numbers

Investing in Real Estate isn’t a walk in the park. Aside from the fixed monthly mortgages and, perhaps, you’re even expecting a new member of the family, there are variables that you need to consider.


Value of the Property

This is obvious, but let’s tackle a deeper angle. Ideally, you should invest in a property that will grow in value in the future.


Maybe there are future plans for that area, and all other aspects that increase a place’s worth. Usually, it’s developments that make living more convenient such as future malls and developments like highways.


Do your research as to how ideal areas for you can evolve in the future!

Consult with a Real Estate Broker


For those of you that are wondering why you need a broker to help out, here’s the quick answer. Brokers live and breath knowledge about the areas in their scope, and quite frankly have connections to information. Let’s expound!


Brokers know “what’s up”


Quite literally, they know the value that current and future infrastructures will bring to an area economically. Even before construction comes up, they already have estimates as to how developed the area will be.

They know about zoning values, and what future projects can and will bring to the table.


They also have pricings accordingly. It’s their job to be 5 years ahead or more, so don’t be surprised.



Here’s the point. They are the best sources of information and they live to find properties optimal for your plans.



This brings us to our next point.



Spending saves you money

This doesn’t mean that you gotta go buy that expensive exclusive property in some prime location (unless you’re at that level), but basically, you just have to not be cheap.


It’s no secret that cheap equates to cheaper quality on most cases. Please, for your sake, spend a few extra for example in finding a Realty service whose sole reason for existing is to know about optimal choices tended to your requirements.


Realty companies will give you a great, if not, the best choice, so don’t hold back on telling them what you want.


They’ve done one thing for years, and that’s..




In finding an ideal location for you, do consider..


Career convenience

If you’re contemplating on buying your first house, chances are, you’re a working professional with a career to maintain.

Only you can predict the numbers as to how your life in your new house will evolve over the years, so proceed with career-oriented estimates.


Future family


For most of us, we do plan on starting a family someday. Let’s not go into the aspects of primal instinct, but this is basically a process in life.

We meet someone, start a family, raise kids, and so on.You may even already have a mate and both of you are expecting to go through this stage in life simultaneously along with buying a house.


Take into consideration where your child will go to school, and the estimates of child costs, how this will affect your work, basically how your life will be reshaped with this new variable in mind.


Great community

Lastly, it would be a great idea to surround yourself with people who are just like you. Enter into this new stage and be open to a new environment.

Exposure may be good as you share ideas, learn a thing or two from other families, careers, goals, all sorts of colorful approaches!


Pick a place with an engaged community. This comes along with your research. Developers and their projects normally flaunt the community engagement.





There are a lot of variables to consider in purchasing your first house. But the fundamentals are to do your research, seek expert help, and plan for both yourself and the future!

Good luck into your journey!